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A Java SSH applet from
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This Java applet should allow you to establish a secure, encrypted connection to Anywhere via SSH. Please wait while the Java applet is downloaded and started; this may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your network connection. A new window will open once the applet is running. is a private site; unauthorized connections are not allowed. Your IP address has been logged (as all web requests are logged) and inappropriate use of this service will be reported.

Setup (for MS IE):

Setup for Netscape is quite similar. If you have any trouble, please try the suggestions below before sending email to the webmaster.


System requirements:
    Netscape 4.7x
    Explorer 5.x
JRE (Java run time environment) supporting Java 1.1.x or higher
   Opera (v3.6.1 on Windows):