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Welcome Family and Friends!

The birds at the top are a composite of shots that were taken at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2002.

Ryan and Paige's December 2006 Cancun Trip:

Grandma and Grandpa Erickson FHE Video Here: Small (140 Meg). If you want the original (2.3 Gig!), email me, and I'll send you a data DVD with the data file on it.

BofM FHE Videos Here: Vicki's Family -- Kyle's Family -- Ryan's Family -- Mom, Dad, and Julene

They are encoded in DivX, and you may need the following codecs to play them in Windows: DivXLight or SLDcodecpack. An alternative Codec pack can be found here.

2004 Cruise:
2002 Cruise:

Welcome to the site formerly known as

Well, we moved into the new house at the end of June (2001), and DSL was installed in July, so the web page is back online!

If you're interested in Home Automation, I don't have many descriptions of the system yet. If you want to see how I've installed my Garage Door sensors, look here. You can also try the Temperature, CallerID, and Lights pages. They show some of the data collected by the HA system. If you're interested in construction of the house, there's home plans, News (which is a Construction Diary), and many, many pictures, also as links on the left.

Feel free to browse around and see what we're up to. The Construction Diary is a bit out of date, since I haven't updated it since we moved in. I may get to that eventually.

Please excuse the speed of this website. Although we have upgraded the web server machine and the firewall, the OpenBSD firewall is still only a Pentium 133, and the DSL upload speed is limited to 256Kbps (OK, Kenny caught the lie here... Qwest upgraded me to 1.5M / 1M recently...) The hamster is running as fast as he can.

If you're interested, my resume is posted here in HTML and in Microsoft Word formats.

Need a Map? There's a link to a Yahoo! Maps map of our house at the bottom of the page.

Take care,

Ryan and Paige Erickson

Ryan and Paige Erickson, 11381 North Sampson Drive, Highland, UT 84003
(801) 756-8325

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