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Christmas 1999

Erickson Ď99

Erickson Ď99


I wasnít going to do ďthe letterĒ this year, but I knew our fans would be disappointed (both of you!), so here it is, the Erickson Christmas letter!Since this is the only communication we have with some of you, we are thankful for each family update we receive.I think Iíll turn this letter over to the rest of the family and let them tell you whatís been happening around here.


Cole:†††† I help unload the dishwasher and empty the garbage, but I donít like doing the garbage. Iím strong enough to lift Natalie out of the high chair for my mom.I got a bike for my birthday and have been learning how to ride it.My dad gives me two wheeler lessons.I played soccer this year, and our team won five times.On the last game, I was the goalie.I love Kindergarten!Itís really fun. My teacher is Mrs. Bigler and she is awesome.I make puppets for the letters of the Alphabet.On the last day before Christmas vacation I get to wear my jammies to school, and I will get to take my pillow and my favorite stuffed animal to school.I love helping my mom and dad decorate the Christmas tree, and I like to take a treat out of the Christmas calendar.I really like playing with my friends.


Megan:†† Iím three years old.My teacher is Mrs. April.I like to go to preschool.†† I like to hold our birds, Sundance and Zuzu. I was a tiger for Halloween and went trick or treating and got candy.I love to play with my animals, and I put leashes on them and take them for walks around the house.I pick my own clothes, even if they donít match.My favorite food is hot dogs with ketchup.I help my mom clean the potty and unload the dishwasher.


Natalie:Iím glad Mom finally left so I could get to the computer!I was afraid that just because I canít talk yet they wouldnít give me a spot in the Christmas newsletter, so I will just have to do it myself.Iím one now, 14 months to be exact, and Iím the one whoís really in charge here. Iím working on getting them to extend my bedtime.Iíve got this family pretty well trained so they get me what I want and keep me happy.Except for that Megan.She doesnít always let me have my own way, but sheís teaching me the fine techniques of screaming to get what I want. I donít walk yet, at least not when mommy and daddy are watching.I want them to carry me around for as long as possible, and if they know you can really walk, they stop doing that. Iím the cutest baby in the world, at least thatís what Mom and Dad tell me.It looks like Mom is coming back, so Iíd better get back on the floor and continue messing up this place.


Ryan:††††† Iím still having fun at the ďnewĒ job at Phast.I work on home automation systems.The great part is I get to put the equipment in my own house for free, since we are a test site.This year I finally finished the family room, after much nagging.It took me a little longer because I had to rewire the entire house and put in my PHAST system.But now itís really cool.I can program any of the lights to turn on or off or change brightness at any time of the day.You can control the DVD player, VCR or stereo from a keypad on the wall, and it even shows the caller ID and lists how many e-mails I have waiting for me.I also have remotes for just about everythingóitís a guyís dream house.Iíve done some traveling this year, but not as much as in the past.Itís always so nice to come back home.


Iím now the ward membership clerk and I really like it.They finally released me from my Sunday School calling teaching the 12-14 year olds, thank goodness. It wasnít so bad, but itís nice to not have to teach every Sunday now.


Paige:†††† As for me, I manage to keep busy with the house, the kids, PTA and the Young Womenís Organization in the ward.I guess when Cole started school this year, I started, too.I was in charge of the ďReflectionsĒ program for the PTA at Coleís school.We had 268 entries in art, literature, music, photography and dance.It was a ton of work, but I signed on again for next year.Hopefully I can do some things a bit differently and use what I have learned this year.I love our newly finished basement and the beautiful new carpet.Thereís even a place for my sewing machine, and Iíve enjoyed sewing a little bit again.I got the curtains done but still have a few Christmas things to get doneóit could happen, right?


This year I sang in the Chorus for a Messiah sing-in held at the Alpine Tabernacle.It was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by talented people and to sing such beautiful music.Rehearsing got me right into the Christmas spirit even earlier than usual this year!I still try to win our entertainment, and this year I won a trip to Mesa Verde, Colorado.Other highlights have been Jazz games, concerts, hotel stays, airfare to LA, Lagoon tickets, dinners out, and tickets to Barneyís Musical Castle. Iíll keep trying, and some day Iíll win a big prize!


We send our love, and wish you the greatest of holiday seasons with those you love.We love visitors, so if youíre ever in Lehi, please drop by and say hello!May we all remember Jesus Christ and his gifts to us at this season of giving!



Ryan, Paige, Cole, Megan and Natalie



Ryan and Paige Erickson, 11381 North Sampson Drive, Highland, UT 84003
(801) 756-8325