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new Home Pictures

For older pictures, see the Construction Picture Archive

Click on a picture to see the full-size picture.

The latest panorama shot of our lot. (Updated 2/9/01)

Here are two maps of how to get to the Lot. One zoomed in! (Updated 1/17/01)

Basement Walls, including the "wrong" wall, where the stairs will be. (01/17/01)

Just a couple more pictures of the basement walls. These are of the under-porch storage. As you can see, I'm already storing stuff there. :) (01/27/01)

Here is what it looked like when we got there... A bit of snow! The first one shows the exterior insulation that we put on while the house was being backfilled. (01/27/01)

Here are the pictures of the Radiant Heat. PEX-AL-PEX is the pipe used. The one with pipe sticking up is where they will come up out of the concrete. It should have the manifolds in the last picture on them when they're pressure tested. (01/27/01)

Nathan and myself, after putting in the radiant heat. We're both pretty tired in these pictures. One more note: Insulated coveralls are *very* warm. I didn't wear my coat for most of the day. (01/27/01)

Some pictures of the framing that's happened so far. (02/02/01)

The Main level! (2/6/01)

The Second level! (2/13/01)

The Whole Enchilada!!! (2/19/01)

A couple of pictures of cute kids! Cole and Megan are doing the dishes, Natalie playing by the chalkboard. (01/27/01)

Ryan and Paige Erickson, 11381 North Sampson Drive, Highland, UT 84003
(801) 756-8325